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Make no mistake - There are a number of successful "investors" in the horse racing industry who make consistent daily profits by betting on horses. You can be one of them too, but only if you are using the right horse racing betting system. Fortunately for you - we've taken away the guesswork ...
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Dear Fellow Horse Racing Enthusiast,

Let's get something straight from the start: if you are looking to make consistent profits from betting on horse racing then you need to follow a pre-determined system or plan.

Are all horse racing betting systems created equal? The answer is a resounding NO. But if you're new to the game it can be very difficult, if not impossible to distinguish between the multitudes of systems on offer.

Fortunately, the team at Winning Horse Systems has made the job a little easier for you.

We've extensively tested dozens of systems over the last couple of years and have finally come up with a select number that we know will produce consistent profits for all those that use them.

Not only have we come up with a select list but we've also categorised the systems according to what type of "punting profile" they are best suited to.

What criteria did we use to assess the systems?

* Safety - Could we or anyone else use these systems and ensure that our betting bank remained intact?

* Profitablity - Were the systems as profitable as each of their developers claimed they were?

* Universality - Did these systems work across all markets or only in a set geographic market? and;

* Ease of use - Could these systems be used by anybody regardless of their previous horse betting experience?
The Horse Racing Systems offered below are the ones that satisfy the critera above and have produced consistent profits over a long period of time. Where we've listed 2 systems, the system on top is our Number 1 pick.

Choose the horse race betting system best suited to your "punting profile" and implement it and you can be assured of a consistent income from betting on horses.
How To 'Place Bet' On Favourites For A Living
The 3 Minute Systems (UK Only)
Easy Trader Professional
Smart Bet Wizard
This Method has a 13 Year Profitable Track Record
Excellent strike rate - 90% +
The Safest Method Currently Going
Our Number One Pick Of All Systems!
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Perfect For Beginners
Less Than 3 Minutes Needed to Select Winners
Applicable for UK Market Only
Underpriced In Our Opinion
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Software That Allows You To Profit From Betting Exchanges Such As Betfair
Comprehensive Package - 200 Page Manual; 30 Minutes of Instructional Video
Also Includes A Recently Added Football Module
Can start with £50 Or Less.
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Easy-To-Use Automated Software
Requires Less Than 30 Minutes A Day
Includes 7 Video Tutorials Plus Manual
Requires No Prior Experience
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All Of These Courses Are  Backed By An Unconditional 8 Week 100% Money Back Guarantee
BUT ONLY If You Are Using The Right System
Best Straight Betting Systems
Easy to use systems with the right blend of safety and profitability. Ideal for beginners.
Best Software Betting System
We tested  software systems that could be used for straight betting in all betting markets and which came at an affordable price. This was our top pick.
Best Software Betting System
We looked at software systems that can be used for straight betting in all betting markets at an affordable price. This was our top pick.
Best Betting Exchange Systems
Betting exchanges allow you much more flexiblity and therefore profit potential as they allow you to back losers (lay horses) as well as winners.  These systems require a greater investment in time but also offer a much greater profit potential.
Comprehensive 80 page manual that shows you how to profit by backing favourites to lose.
Step-by-step guide starting with betting basics going right through to detailed examples.
Hint: Serious horse racing investors make a full time living using these techniques.
Racing Secrets Exposed
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Still Unsure?
If you're relatively new to betting on horses then we suggest you start with either How To Place Bet on Favourites For a Living or The 3 Minute Systems.

Once you'e gained some proficiency and confidence there, then you can really ramp up your race betting profits by utilising either Smart Bet Wizard , Easy Trader Professional or Racing Secrets Exposed in addition to the system(s) that are already working for you.

Happy Punting,

The Winning Horse Systems Team